Wholesale Brochure Design

wholesale brochure design

Wholesale brochure design is for any business that sells products wholesale to retailers. A chocolate wafer company from Switzerland began to import their products into the United States. They found a large distributor of other products that are typically found in convenience stores. This distributor was the one who contacted us. The brochure is used by the distributor when they go out to make sales calls to the convenience stores around the country. The brochure is never seen by members of the general public as it is only used to sell the stores on why they should carry this snack food item in their stores.

Everything we do involves custom work and for that reason you’ll never see clip art in your wholesale brochure design. If stock photos need to be used instead of actual photos of your warehouse or employees then we will include those photos as needed. If we need product photos and you are able to provide them then that’s great! If you need product photos then we can have our professional photographer come to your location and shoot the photos for you. We will meet with you in person to discuss the goals for the brochure if you are located in South Florida. If you are out of the area then we can setup a call to go over everything. Once we begin working on your project you’ll have a very talented team with 20 years of experience. Our graphic artists are all required to have (as a minimum) a Bachelor’s Degree in Commercial Art and Design. Our designer will give your brochure the professional look and feel that you want. Our writer has a Master’s Degree in Non-Fiction Writing and she will tell the story of your wholesale business beautifully. If you are ready to take your business to the next level, contact us today to get started!