Security Company Brochure Design

security company brochure designSecurity company brochure design helps your company to stand out from the competition. Many of the smaller secuirty companies don’t have a brochure at all so any brochure would be a great improvement.

This four-fold brochure was designed for a manufacturer of wireless fire technology equipment. The brochures were made to be included in a side pocket of a folder we also designed. The package includes everything with the two pocket folder brochure design. When the sales reps hand this brochure to a potential client they are always impressed. Our professional design team created the logo, we shot the product photos, designed the inserts and made a website to match. Now, this relatively new company is able to effectively compete with fortune 500 industrial fire safety giants.

This particular company is selling a fire security product. Most of our security company clients are selling a security guard service. They will offer patrol service for shopping centers, construction sites, apartment buildings and condominiums. They usually come to us for a website first and later come back to request a professional looking security company brochure design. What they like about a brochure is that they often meet with someone at a condo association and they need something to leave behind. A condo association board member will present the security guard company brochure at the next condo board meeting. The brochure becomes a silent salesperson that stays with the potential new client.

When you hire our company for your security company brochure design you can be assured that you’ll get a professional looking brochure that you’ll be proud to hand out to potential new clients. With our brochure design company, you’ll get a team of people working on your brochure. Our writer has a degree in professional writing and she will take care of all of the text for the brochure. You’ll never have us ask you, “What do you want us to write in your brochure?” because we take care of that for you. We get the basic information about your company and we take that and very eloquently create all the text for the brochure. Our brochure designer has a degree in commercial art and design and he will give your brochure the professional look that you want for your business.