Professional Brochure Design

advertising brochuresHere are some examples of our professional brochure designs. When you click the links you’ll see the brochure examples for those specific industry types.

Here is a professional brochure design we made for a law firm. This attorney only worked on yacht transactions and his law firm wanted a brochure design that would make him look like a leader in his area of expertise. Please click to see the attorney brochure design.

This brochure was made for a company that performs maintenance on aircraft for clients around the world. They also sell parts for jet engines and their clients include almost every airline in the world. They wanted a brochure designed to make them look like the world class leader in the aviation industry that they are. Please click to see the commercial brochure design.

This brochure design was custom made for a non-profit children’s health organization. The group was part of a large hospital located in West Palm Beach but branched off on their own. We made the logo, came up with a name for the new organization and came up with a very professional brochure design that had some fun colorful elements. Please click to see the healthcare brochure design.

The next brochure design example is one that we made for a company that makes fire hoods that go over commercial stoves in restaurants. They already had their logo so we only designedd the brochure and our copywriter wrote the text. Please see the equipment brochure design.

Here you will also find brochure design examples we have created for the following types of businesses:

  1. Construction
  2. Plumbing
  3. Medical
  4. Dental
  5. Non-Profit

Great brochure design begins with great photography.  If your business sells or manufacturers products we will want to use our photographer to help us tell your story with pictures.

In the videos above you can see our photographer getting photos of products that our client manufacturers. We had our photographer shoot photos in the manufacturing facility and on a yacht where one of the pieces of equipment was installed. In total we took over 1,000 photos and we will likely use 6-8 of them in the brochure design.