President’s Message

Rick GoldmanPeople come to us for a variety of ad agency services. In order the number 1 reason they come to us is for website design. The number 2 reason is brochure design and the number 3 reason is TV commercial production. Now we are finding that a lot of people want trade show displays and that is becoming much more commonly requested than South Florida TV advertising.

Our professional brochure designers all have a minimum of a four year college degree as a requirement to work here. When we hire someone it is only after interviewing about 50 graphic artists. We also have a copywriter with a masters degree in journalism. What this means to you is that having a new brochure made is not something that YOU have to deal with. We just start with the basic information about your business and we create the details. We will research your competition to see what they are doing and we will use that to get ideas about what to include or not include for you.

Our clients are literally from all around the world but mostly they are in the United States. Many clients like to come to our office to discuss brochure design so they are often located somewhere in South Florida. Typically our clients are in Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach county. Most of our clients are in the South Florida cities of Miami, Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale. If you are in this area we will come to your office to discuss your brochure design needs. If you are not in South Florida the we will setup an online meeting to discuss your brochure design project.

Rick Goldman – President