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business brochure designToday every business needs a logo, then a website and then a brochure to give to prospective clients. When salespeople go out on appointments a professionally designed brochure is a great thing to leave behind to remind the prospect of what you discussed.

Here is how each of these three items fit into your corporate branding and sales efforts. The logo is the symbol or icon that people will see and recognize as being associated with your business. The website is like a 24/7 salesperson extolling all the reasons why someone should do business with your company. The brochure is the deal maker when used properly. The brochure won’t make a sale for you but it closes the deal once the client is in your office. This is accomplished by a great design, professional copywriting and a good quality paper stock. In the mind of the potential client, it shows that your company is reputable and cares about making a great impression. The prospect often assumes that only a reputable company would have a well thought out professionally designed brochure.

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We custom design brochures for all types of businesses including and not limited to healthcare, construction, real estate, medical, dental, law firms, wholesale businesses, retail businesses, manufacturing, plumbing, HVAC, automotive, food service, insurance, title companies and more. Additionally, we check legal requirements for attorneys to be sure that their brochures are in compliance. Some states such as Florida are very restrictive on what lawyers can say in their brochures.

If you are looking for brochure design in Miami, Fort Lauderdale or anywhere in South Florida, we will meet with you in your office to discuss your brochure design needs. If you are not located in South Florida we can set up an online meeting to discuss your next brochure design project.

You’ll enjoy working with our brochure design professionals and our writer. We will find out about your business and then our writer will write the text, subject to your approval of course. Once the text is approved then our professional brochure designers will custom design a beautiful layout for your brochure design project and the text will be added. We are never done until you love the look of your new brochure.